Coronavirus Update

COVID-19 Safety Protocols: Updated March 2, 2021

After consulting with our health advisory committee, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, WHO, USTA and ITF and other summer travel programs, we will implement the following safety protocols for our small teams, players and coaches:

  • Prior to departure, we will have a safety orientation for players, families and coaches to review then current health and safety measures.
  • We will ask all participants to submit to us the results of a negative COVID-19 PCR test before we begin our trip. We may also ask for a self-quarantine prior to departure.
  • During our first tournament week, we will do another COVID-19 PCR test and we may do further testing during the balance of the trip.
  • On a daily basis, we will do a temperature check and wellness check.
  • Handwashing and personal hygiene will be important and enforced.
  • Wearing face masks in public whenever outside our small tennis pod and when required by government officials. When playing a match, masks are not required but both before and after the match, they are required (USTA protocol).
  • Social distancing (6 feet or more) when in public areas or among others who are not part of our tennis pod.
  • Being understanding and flexible for our non-tennis activities like sightseeing, swimming, taking outdoor meals and hotel arrangements.

We are still refining and developing these guidelines so that you can have a great tennis trip while staying safe!

Coronavirus Update (1/16/2021)

The availability of vaccines in these next months has led many in the travel field to optimistically anticipate a renewed surge and demand for 2021 summer travel.

We are looking forward to once again conducting our junior tennis tours in summer 2021 and making it our best summer ever!  We have been busy carefully choosing locations in countries where the coronavirus has been well-managed.  The good news is that in several recent surveys by state public health experts about virus risks, tennis ranked at Risk Level 1 – the lowest risk level of 36 other youth activities.  A bonus is that since Tennis: Europe teams are designed to be small, we can easily use the “pod” approach for our teams.  Fortunately, our tournaments are played outdoors so we can follow best practice guidelines of being outdoors and socially distant throughout much of our days.

We will continue to be flexible with destinations and other safety measures, carefully monitoring COVID-19. In fact, our health advisory committee will guide us in this endeavor.

As challenging as this time is for all of us, tennis is a safe sport which can keep you healthy, active and social.  Looking forward, Tennis: Europe will be your safe go-to-activity for summer 2021.

– Dr. Martin Vinokur & Gary Weiner, Directors, Tennis: Europe

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