Why should I choose TENNIS: EUROPE?

There are many reasons to choose Tennis: Europe for your summer – these range from educational, to social, and cultural. However Tennis: Europe is a tennis program and our big thing is match play! Our goal is to apply what you have learned at tennis clinics or camps and bring your game to the next level. The best way to do this is by playing a lot of tournament matches in a short period of time. Our coaches will watch your matches and work with you on correcting any mistakes they observe.

What are the ages of the players?

Our players are 13 to 18 years for Europe. As teams fill, we monitor the ages of the players to make sure the team is developing appropriately for all participants.

How good do I have to be to travel on TENNIS: EUROPE?

Assuming you have mastered the basics of the game and are ready to play matches, we offer teams at various ability levels. You can play these tournaments without the pressure a home environment can place on you. If you are not sure about your level, we will talk to your local tennis pro to determine which trip is right for you and if possible, we will see you play on court. In addition, we require two teachers’ and one tennis coach’s recommendation before final acceptance.

How is Tennis: Europe different from other tennis programs?

Tennis camps and local clinics concentrate on teaching and drilling the basics of the game, forehands, backhands, serve, etc. Tennis: Europe takes what you have learned at camps and local clinics and applies them to match play. The Tennis: Europe focus is on strategy, tactics and mental approach under the pressure of tournament conditions. You can practice all day and night, but how does that help if you cannot play the same way in matches as you do in practice? Our Tennis; Europe results have repeatedly shown how important match experience and mental toughness is in developing successful junior players.

How will you meet my tennis goals?

For high school varsity players who are just beginning tournaments, we concentrate on refining stroke production and emphasize improvement of match play skills to move the player up on his/her school team or help gain a first ranking. Furthermore, the increased match experience will help you become more comfortable in high school tennis or local tournaments. For USTA ranked players, our flexible schedules allow you to play all major USTA tournaments and still travel with us. While on the trip, we use the opportunity to offer specific training on red clay which improves steadiness, movement and mental approach. Working with professional tennis coaches who are experienced with advanced juniors and playing tough competition, we have seen our returning players take their games to the next level.

How many players are on a team and what is the mix of boys and girls?

In Europe we limit teams to 14 to 16 players with two full time coaches. We try to keep the team evenly split between males and females.

How often does the team move to different locations?

This all depends on your itinerary. Most teams in Europe remain at a location for one week. This gives you an opportunity to explore each place and visit the major sights.

How do you travel from tournament to tournament?

In Europe, depending on the trip, we use air flights, European trains and minivans. Most European travel under six hours is by train and longer travel is by air.

What type of hotel or housing do you use?

We stay in clean, comfortable Three-Star to Four-Star hotels, ranging from Van der Valk hotels or Best Westerns in Europe. In locations like Mallorca, we often use resort hotels or apartments, which feature water sports and other facilities on site.

What do the players do when they are not playing tennis?

In Europe when off the court we immerse ourselves in cultural sights like the Eiffel Tower, Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, Sagrada Familia, The Vatican, harbor cruises, canal tours, etc. We also attend evening activities such as tournament parties, movie night, soccer games, BBQs and more.

Will participating in Tennis: Europe give me any edge in getting into the college of my choice?

Tennis: Europe is a valuable credential to gain admission to the college of your choice. Among highly competitive colleges, admissions officers and coaches are looking for those experiences that go beyond the usual and distinguish one student from another. TENNIS: EUROPE’s value and reputation are recognized nationwide. Our network of over 5,500 alumni and college coaches throughout the country enhances the credibility of applicants. Dr. Vinokur, a Certified Guidance Counselor, has assisted trip participants in the college admissions process for over three decades. In fact, he has spoken at College Tennis Days in several USTA sections and at the National Convention of the USPTA. In many cases the directors speak to college coaches on behalf of our players.

Do you offer any financial assistance or fund-raising suggestions?

A little bit of motivation can actually save you big bucks when traveling with us. TENNIS: EUROPE offers a total of $ 12,500. in grants each summer for those traveling to Europe — up to $ 1,250. per person. If you raise money for your desired TENNIS: EUROPE trip, we’ll match that amount (maximum matching amount is $1,250 per person). You can fund raise through letter-writing, getting a job, running a tennis clinic or another creative tactic. Once we approve your money-making method, all you have to do is show us records of your fund-raising efforts. Grants are given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. Deadline for notifying us is April 15th.

What’s Included?

  • Breakfast and dinner each day

  • Housing

  • Travel between tournaments

  • Entry fees

  • Practice courts

  • Liability insurance

  • Services of professional staff

  • Locker fees

  • Pre-trip mailings

  • Selected sightseeing

What’s not Included?

  • Airfare (we will arrange for team flights at the lowest available scheduled fares)

  • Lunches

  • Pocket-money

  • Personal expenses