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After Tennis: Europe I have to say my tennis is so much better. I do a clinic every week with my mom and adults from club who hit with tons of pace, similarly to the kids in Holland and on the trip. Before the trip, they went easy on me and didn’t love having me as a partner for games as I was Inconsistent. When I got back from the trip, I went back to the clinic and all of the adults there comment on how much my game has improved. Not only do the men go hard on me now and want to be my partner, I often beat them in games!!!!

Kylie Rowan
Bethesda, Maryland

Tennis Europe was an unbelievable experience that combined competitive tennis, making new friends from around the country who are as passionate as I am about tennis while being able to see the sights of Europe my first year and the Westcoast in my second.

Zachary Andrews
Chappaqua, New York

Tennis Europe was an invaluable experience for Eve, and I wanted to thank you both for allowing Eve to be a participant. She made some good friends and had many memorable experiences.

Tom Wasil and Eve Wasil
Melbourne, Florida

Zoe truly had the greatest time. She completely loved the trip. From what I gather from Zoe, it seems like it was the perfect combination of great tennis practice and tournament play experience combined with fun social activities and non-tennis activities in California.  Zoe saidthat it was great to get out of her region and play tennis players from California… both her game and on court presence seemed much more mature than before she left.

Lisa Kava
New York, New York

Tennis Europe was a fantastic way to see new things, and meet new people.  I had so much fun making new friends.  I was also grateful to get a taste of a new and higher level of tennis while I was there and have the opportunity to learn from a great Tennis Europe coaching staff.  The trip to California helped me in so many ways, and I am now motivated to play more and to refine my tennis skills.

Jahari E. Blake
New Windsor, New York

Thank you very much for the wonderful trip. The itineraries and planning provided amazing opportunity for the kids to enjoy playing tennis, participating in tournaments, sightseeing, and relaxing. Everything was very well balanced.

Anna Pavlenko and Sofia Pavlenko
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

We think the program offered a very nice blend of tennis and other activities. We are blown away by how well the coaches juggled all of the different schedules/locations and made sure all of the kids stayed busy.  This cannot be easy.

Sonya Ferris and Andrew Ferris
St Johns, Florida

As excited as we are to have Kayleigh back home, we can tell she is a bit disheartened to be away from the close friendships and invaluable guidance you have afforded her on and off the court during her time with you.  In her words exactly, “This is one of the best experiences of my life!”  For that, we are so grateful.  Thank you to each and every one of you for making this such an unforgettable gift for Kayleigh.

The Yun-Thayer family
Johns Creek, Georgia

P. had a fabulous trip and I'm sure he'll be so sad to be back home! He just played his first tournament after getting home from the trip and he won the whole thing!

Mary, Seattle, Washington (mother)